Broken Bow Kennels


There is nothing more wonderful in a kennel than the sight of new puppies.  The puppies at Broken Bow Kennels are particularly spoiled.  As a breed, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is considered more people oriented that many of the other versatile breeds.  In order to foster this connection to people, proper socialization is vital.  From the day a Broken Bow puppy is born, it is handled regularly.  This involves the most willing of helpers, KIDS!  Dogs spend their lifetime establishing a pack hierarchy and it is crucial a dog understands that not only is his owner top dog, but every human that wanders through the door, regardless of height!  At Broken Bow Kennels, that responsibility is gladly taken on by our three boys.  Whether teenager or toddler, the puppies learn to accept handling from all humans.

In addition to formal Temperament Testing, our puppies are part of their canine pack from birth.  Under close supervision, initially, the puppies are introduced to the adult dogs at the kennel.  This eventually grows into regular play time with the rest of the dogs.  Puppies that are segregated from any other canine contact often struggle developmentally as they miss vital steps in learning to actually be a dog.  These struggles and other transitional issues are easily avoided by letting the big dogs teach the little ones.

The puppies are also introduced to live birds, gun fire and standing water before they head to their new homes.  They ARE hunting dogs, afterall.


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies at Broken Bow Kennels