Broken Bow Kennels

Shai-Broken Bow's Lil' Devil

Shai is the Matriarch of our Kennel.  Coming out of very old French and German lines, she proves herself time and again.  Shai is a methodical hunter and covers ground at a medium pace.  In open cover, Shai hunts at about 100 yards.  Shai is also very biddable, which shows in dense cover and over varying terrain.  She is very consistent about “Showing” or checking back when out of contact with her handler.  For this reason, Shai has become our go-to dog for Ruffed and Dusky Grouse.  Shai rarely misses a beat when it comes to tough scenting conditions or wily, late-season birds.  It is an incredible experience to chase tough December Pheasants over Shai.  I have watched Shai work a poorly shot bird unrelentingly over hundreds of yards and bring it to hand when everyone else had given up and moved on.

Because no one spends 365 days a year in the field, a dog’s temperament in the house in also a very important aspect to our breeding program.  Shai has proven herself very adaptable to house living.  She is quite content lying in the corner if her people are around.  She always finds her way in front of the TV when the kids are needing a pillow for movie night too.

Time in the field can’t be a dog’s only qualification, however, and not everyone can just stop by to see a Shai work wild birds.  Shai has also been vetted through the very thorough testing process of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA).  Based on the demanding tests of the JGHV conducted in Germany, NAVHDA strives for the conservation of game through the use of well-trained hunting dogs before and after the shot on both land and water.  These tests are conducted in an environment that reflects actual hunting conditions and situations.  Shai received a perfect score on her Natural Ability test and was the second highest score of the day for her Utility Test.

Shai is fully health tested.  For the Griffon breed this includes the screening of hips for any sign of dysplasia, as well as checking for any abnormalities in the elbows, eyes, thyroid and heart.  All of Shai’s tests proved excellent and that is shown repeatedly in the stellar puppies she produces.

Shai-A hunting Wirehaired Pointing Griffon