Broken Bow Kennels

Standing At Stud: Fitz-Coppershot's Quinton at Broken Bow

“The chief characteristics in which the griffon excels, and is superior over setters and pointers, are his ready adaptability to all species of game, all climates, and all varieties of terrain, his exquisite nose, wonderful vitality and endurance, and the pronounced instinct which makes him the easiest of all dogs to train on game. As a retriever he has, in my opinion, no superior, and being very intelligent and affectionate, he makes an ideal man’s companion.” –Dr. E.B. Ilyus, 1917

This is as accurate today as it was more than 100 yrs ago and no statement has more accurately described Fitz!  Build for speed and covering ground like a dream, Fitz is the culmination of generations of breeding with the dedication to performance in the field.

As the current stud dog at Broken Bow Kennels, Fitz represents a staunch dedication to the breed conformation standard as it was originally laid out in 1886.  Fitz is strong through the back and light on his feet.  His coat is harsh, dense and provides excellent protection while working dense, brutal cover in search of game.  Fitz’ PennHIP results were as expected, 0.23 DI in his left hip and 0.24 DI in his right, ranking him better that 90% of all Griffons tested.  His results for OFA elbows, heart, eyes and thyroid were all normal.  This makes Fitz one of the few stud dogs in the nation to be CHIC certified!!

Fitz has a nose accurate enough to pick out even the faintest scent on the steep slopes of Idaho Chukar country, yet disciplined enough to keep easily spooked Ruffed Grouse pinned down until a flush is possible.

Fitz is a hard charging retriever out of the duck blind.  This became immediately apparent when, while still 6 months old, he was hauling big Canada Geese off the reservoir.  Fitz isn’t phased by the harsh conditions of waterfowl season in Idaho.  His harsh, dense coat sheds water easily as he exits the water.

As a hunter, Fitz is high speed and intense.  As a companion, he is often shockingly adaptable to indoor life.  Fitz is the go-to for even the youngest kids when it comes time to find a pillow for movie nights.  One of the principle focuses at Broken Bow Kennels is to find dogs with balanced temperaments and a cooperative nature.  Fitz fills that role perfectly!

Fitz’ pedigree speaks volumes for the quality that he passes to his offspring.  The list includes:

-VC Alders Edge Udal

-VC Itasca Wings Coureur de Bois

-VC Stoney Ridge Gracie

-VC Anton of Geneva Lake

-VC Acajou du Feu Follet

Fitz is available for live cover to select females and semen can be shipped as fresh chilled or frozen.  Please contact us with any questions.

Fitz-Wirehaired Pointing Griffon