Broken Bow Kennels

Fitz Scores Big!

Fitz-Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Hunt testing is a crucial part to any breeding program.  At Broken Bow Kennels, a dog is viewed as a complete package, which includes conformation, temperament, health and hunt testing.  The process of hunt testing a dog provides both the breeder who produced the dog and the owner of that dog vital information on a broad spectrum of both field and temperament related attributes.

In June, Fitz completed the NAVHDA Natural Ability test with the highest possible score.  This test is the first, but certainly not the last step in evaluating his quality as a stud dog.  The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon has been through many years of struggle, the lowest of which saw the crossbreeding of outside breeds to improve the quality of dog.  At Broken Bow Kennels, we hold our Griffs to the highest standard of both field and conformation qualities.  Fitz will be an excellent representation of that high standard.

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