There are many things that go into training a hunting dog.  The greatest of which is the dog itself.  At Broken Bow Kennels, we do not treat every dog like the last one we trained.  Far too many owners and trainers fall into the trap of training a dog the way they trained the last one or the way they’ve seen someone else train.  While there is value in learning from our own and others’ experience, every dog must be evaluated, considered and trained independently.

As a trainer, Sean has had the opportunity to mentor under many great trainers.  These include Jeff Jeppsen, Frank Puccio and his father, Kendall Allen, who made a living as a trainer and later volunteered to train Guide Dogs for the blind, placing dogs across the country.  Training philosophies, such as those used at New Skete and pioneered by trainers like Karen Pryor, Richard Wolters, Ian Dunbar and Chuck Johnson have lifted the Broken Bow training program beyond many of the stale norms of hunting dog training.  Drawing on decades of training experience, Sean has adopted and modified and refined his training methodology to meet the many varying needs of owners and bird dogs alike.