Broken Bow Kennels

About Us

Sean and Monica Allen have been raising Wirehaired Pointing Griffons since 2014, prior to that they raised and trained guide dogs for the blind.  As a professional trainer, Sean apprenticed under noted trainers Jeff Jeppson and his father, Kendall Allen.  The Allen family has a true passion for hunting, camping, hiking and all things outdoors.  Sean works for the City of Idaho Falls Fire Department when he’s not out running the dogs. 

As an upland hunting fanatic, Sean has also developed a passion for NAVDHA and the training practices and philosophies that come along with it.  In 2019, Sean was instrumental in bringing a NAVHDA chapter to east Idaho, where he is currently serving as the Eagle Rock Chapter President and Monica as the Treasurer.  They are very proud of this chapter and its volunteers as it is the first of its kind in east Idaho and serves the immense geographical region of southwest Montana, western Wyoming and all of east Idaho.

Training Philosphy

As a trainer, Sean has had the opportunity to mentor under many great trainers.  These include Jeff Jeppsen, Frank Puccio and his father, Kendall Allen, who made a living as a trainer and later volunteered to train Guide Dogs for the blind, placing dogs across the country.  Training philosophies, such as those used at New Skete and pioneered by trainers like Karen Pryor, Richard Wolters, Ian Dunbar and Chuck Johnson have lifted the Broken Bow training program beyond many of the stale norms of hunting dog training and the revolving door of box store classes.  Drawing on decades of training experience, Sean has adopted, modified and refined his training methodology to meet the many varying needs of owners and dogs alike.


Our Breeding Philosophy

Broken Bow Kennel’s breeding philosophy is simple. Ultimate emphasis is placed on bettering the breed and providing each owner with a quality pup.  When it comes to breeding and placing gun dogs, producing a quality line of gun dogs that will make both excellent hunters and companions is paramount.

At Broken Bow Kennels, it is important to see dogs go to hunting homes.  It is important for the prospective owner to realize that well-bred field dogs are athletes and demand daily exercise and mental stimulation.  Bored dogs very often will develop destructive behaviors such as digging, barking and chewing.

When you inquire about a Griffon from Broken Bow Kennels, time will be spent discussing your plans for the dog and your lifestyle.  If it doesn’t seem a good match, you may be referred to another breeding at Broken Bow Kennels or another breed altogether. It is far too important that a dog is successful in its new environment to send dogs out with no background information and without a clear understanding of what an owner is looking for in a puppy.

When a breeding pair is chosen, diligent attention is given to find friendly, sound, biddable dogs with natural retrieving abilities, a strong desire to hunt, soft mouths, and a strong, steady point. All of the dogs in the Broken Bow breeding program have been evaluated through the NAVHDA testing program.  It is imperative that a dog’s inherent ability be vetted beyond an owner’s claim of being “the best dog he has ever hunter over”.  Dogs are only selected that have been fully health tested.

All puppies coming to you will be well-socialized.  Everyone at Broken Bow Kennels works together to see to that. Pups will have tails docked and dew claws removed based on the field standard, and will be up to date on shots, with an initial health examination by our local vet. Generally, puppies will be placed between 8 and 9 weeks.

Broken Bow Kennels offers a two-year health guarantee on all puppies. If a health issue arises based on a debilitating genetic defect, we will gladly take the dog back and find you a replacement-either from our kennel or from one of our associates.  All findings must be documented by an OFA certified provider.

Remember, the first goal at Broken Bow Kennels is always to improve the breed, and that means producing Wirehaired Pointing Griffons with the best characteristics of the breed, an affinity for the field and for people.  A Broken Bow Griffon can be expected to live up to the description as the ultimate sportsman’s gun dog.

Shai-A hunting Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon-Shelby and Sean