Broken Bow Kennels

Breeder of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Training Stud Services

Creating Companions

Nestled in the foothills of eastern Idaho, Broken Bow Kennels has been providing professional training services to our community for over 15 years.  We strive to ensure each dog that comes through our doors has the right tools to be the best hunter, companion and friend possible for each of our clients. We reach beyond the canned classes and outdated training techniques forced on so many dog owners.  Worn out practices calling for a cooperative dog so often leave out the human factor of the equation.  We help you better understand your dog and how training may look from a dog’s perspective.  This only amplifies the connection you have with your dog, making training a pleasant experience for all.  Feel free to contact us with questions anytime!!

Breeder Practices

Maintaining the original type and style of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon as the ultimate foot hunter’s dog is a top focus at Broken Bow Kennels.


The care and training of your four legged friend is unlike anything else you may undertake. Confidence, desire and cooperation are all attributes that Broken Bow Kennels helps to bring out in your companion.

The Hunt

Building lifelong friendships and memories in the field are truly what this grand adventure is about.  Broken Bow Kennels is dedicated to providing you with your newest hunting partner.